Mosaic at Michigan Engineering

Mosaic strives to enhance Michigan Engineering’s ability to address complex societal problems.

We work with Engineering leaders to build programs and technology that heighten institutional agility, increase collaboration, and conserve faculty time.

Current Projects

The E3 Grants (up to $10K for Level One, up to $50K for Level Two) can be used to support innovative strategies to enhance Michigan Engineering undergraduate instruction.

We’re piloting a new interactive process to help the Michigan Engineering community collectively identify pressing challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning.

START provides a mechanism for faculty members to obtain up to $75K for new and innovative research that is not yet ready for external proposal submission.

MiQuizMaker creates a series of randomized quizzes in QTI .zip file format for upload to programs such as Canvas.

Interactive Display (T1V ThinkHub) systems are a multiuser software application designed to help teams to ideate, visualize, and problem solve.

Michigan Engineering is hosting weekly lunch gatherings on Mondays for its faculty members, all free of charge.