About Mosaic

Mosaic and Michigan Engineering leaders build programs and technology that heighten institutional agility, increase collaboration, and conserve faculty time.


The Mosaic Project strives to enhance institutional agility so that Michigan Engineering and its partners can move quickly to address complex interdisciplinary challenges for the common good.  Using evidence-based strategies, we work to make it as easy as possible for teams to assemble and work together effectively, building on the strengths of our diverse community.  We support the dean, associate deans, chairs, and other leaders in strengthening Michigan Engineering’s collaborative culture and unlocking faculty members’ time to engage in it.

Key Activities

  • Convene and consult with leaders to identify and remove barriers
  • Study, document, and leverage exemplars in both scholarship and lived experience, within and beyond U-M
  • Implement best practices in team science
  • Propose micro-reforms in policies, programs, practices, and technology
  • Champion and gather resources for new initiatives
  • Collect data and assess impact of micro-reforms on programs, policies, and practices
  • Showcase successful experiments and document lessons from failures



Contact the Mosaic team at mosaic.engin@umich.edu.