Add digital whiteboards to classrooms

User-submitted Description

Replace whiteboards in classrooms (or add to existing whiteboards) electronic systems that allow the instructor to display slides, videos, and other content directly on the whiteboard, and have the ability to annotate that content.

Available Now

Michigan Engineering is piloting 12 interactive display (T1V ThinkHub) systems.  While these displays can function solely as digital whiteboards, they also contain a robust suite of interactive tools that combine the best of in-person and virtual collaboration.  The systems are currently being piloted in collaborative departmental spaces, such as conference rooms and design labs listed here.  Please contact for a demo.

The E3 (Enhancing Engineering Education) Grants Program is now accepting calls for Level 2 funding (up to $50K) for a group of instructional faculty to utilize an interactive display (T1V ThinkHub or other similar systems) in a Michigan Engineering instructional space the Fall 2023 and/or Winter 2024 terms.  This opportunity follows a very limited pilot that occurred in Fall 2022.

Alternatively, instructors who wish to use their iPads or tablets as a digital whiteboard can do so in any classroom with a Crestron control panel.  Set your iPad to your favorite notetaking or whiteboarding software and project your written material to the projector of choice.  For assistance, schedule a meeting with a CAEN classroom technology consultant here.

Next Steps

The goal of the T1V ThinkHub pilot is to get these systems in front of as many users as possible to evaluate which audiences and environments these systems are best equipped to serve, including classroom settings.  


User feedback will directly inform plans for addressing the needs of the Michigan Engineering community more robustly by the start of the Fall 2023 term.