Send different content to multiple screens/displays in classrooms

User-submitted Description

“Currently, most classrooms only allow one content source to be displayed. Class instruction would be significantly more flexible if content from multiple sources or windows could be simultaneously displayed.”

Available Now

Displaying different content on multiple screens is currently available in several Michigan Engineering classrooms. This page lists all CAEN-supported classrooms, including the number of instructor displays offered per location.

Next Steps

The collaborators listed above are working to standardize the display of different content to multiple screens in classrooms.  Of particular interest is functionality that will allow instructors to record a snapshot of one screen and display it on a second screen.  To aid in standardizing this technology throughout Michigan Engineering, the collaborators are investigating the possibility of adding at least two display options to all large classrooms.


The collaborators anticipate that next steps will be complete by the end of the Fall 2023 term.