MiQuizMaker FAQ

Getting Started

Q: Where is MiQuizMaker located?
A: miquizmaker.engin.umich.edu

Q: How do I login?
A: Login at the top right corner of the homepage.

Q: Can any person log in?
A: Anyone with a umich.edu email address and password can log in to MiQuizMaker.

Q: What types of questions are supported by MiQuizMaker?
A: True/false, multiple choice, calculation, fill-in-the-blank, and file upload questions are supported by MiQuizMaker.

Creating Quizzes

Q: How do I create a quiz?
A: Once logged in you’ll land on your My Quizzes page. Select “New Quiz” to begin creating a new quiz.

Q: Do I have to remember to save questions?
A: No, MiQuizMaker automatically saves your questions.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of questions in a quiz?
A: No, your quiz may contain an unlimited number of questions.

Q: If I don’t enter a name for a question what will happen?
A: The question name will default to the first several words of the question.

Q: How do I view my quiz to make sure it looks good?
A: You can view your quiz as you’re building it. In the Quiz Overview page, toggle the “Build/View” button at the top of the page to view the quiz as you would in Canvas. You can also refresh within the “Build/View” toggle mode to view different randomized combinations of questions that can be generated.

Understanding Question Types

Q: Can I just use one version of a true false question instead of picking from a group?
A: Yes. If there is one specific question that you want to be included on each quiz, you’d enter only that one true/false statement as you’re building the question.

Q: Can I enter in more than one true false question and have it randomly pick one to randomize the quiz?
A: Yes. Start by creating a new question, and selecting “true/false” as the question type. You can then enter an unlimited number of true/false statements, and in the “pick” box on the question page, enter the number of questions from that question bank you’d like on the quiz. MiQuizMaker will choose that number of questions at random for each unique quiz.

Q: For fill-in-the-blank questions, can you write the answer in multiple ways to make sure you capture all possible answers?
A: Yes, you should include possible misspellings and abbreviations in your answer bank.

Q: Can I use complex logic like if/then statements and while loops in calculation questions?
A: Yes, MiQuizMaker is responsive to most Python operations.

Q: Can I use more than one line for my equations in a calculation question?
A: Yes, you may use multiple lines to write equations.

Q: Can I define intermediate variables to make writing equations easier?
A: Yes, but make sure each variable is written on a separate line.

Copying and Duplicating Questions

Q: I created a question and I want to duplicate it within the same quiz. Can I do that?
A: Yes. From the Quiz Overview page, click on the dropdown menu arrow attached to the “Edit” button on the question you’d like to duplicate. Click “duplicate”.

Q: I have a standard question I’d like to copy to multiple quizzes. Can I do that?
A: Yes. From the Quiz Overview page, click on the dropdown menu arrow attached to the “Edit” button on the question you’d like to duplicate. Click “copy”, and choose the name of the existing quiz where you’d like the question copied.

Sharing Quizzes

Q: Can I have my GSIs upload my quizzes?
A: Yes. Anyone with UMICH level-1 credential can log in to MiQuizMaker and create a quiz. They can then share that quiz with you for viewing and/or editing.

Q: How does quiz sharing work?
A: Anyone who is shared on a quiz has the ability to edit questions, create new questions, delete questions, reorder questions, etc.
While multiple users may have access to the quiz, only one user should edit then save changes at a time to prevent loss of work. Changes made by one user will be reflected in the quiz in all users’ accounts.

Q: How do I share a quiz?
A: To share a quiz, go to the quiz’s Quiz Overview page, click “share” and enter the email address(s) of the person(s) you’d like to have access to the quiz.

Adding Images

Q: Can I add images to a question?
A: Yes. As you’re building a question, scroll down to the “Images” box at the bottom of the page. Select “Add Image”, drag and drop or upload the image, click upload, and click the clipboard icon next to the image to copy the image identifier text. Then, paste the image identifier text in a new line in your question statement(s).

Q: Can I use an image that I’ve added to one question in a different question? Can I add that image to a question on a different quiz?
A: Yes. Each image uploaded to MiQuizMaker is assigned an image identifier text string. This text string can be copied and pasted into any quiz question. We’re working on updating this functionality to provide a central image bank in a future version.


Q: Can I change the parameters of the quiz in Canvas?
A: Yes. You can change the parameters of the quiz once you’ve uploaded it to Canvas. Keep in mind that those changes will not be reflected on the original quiz in MiQuizMaker.

Q: Can I take a question from Canvas and export it from there and then load it into MiQuizMaker?
A: No. It is recommended that all edits to the quiz occur in MiQuizMaker before exporting the file into Canvas.

Q: Can I upload a text or word file of a quiz into MiQuizMaker?
A: No, but we are working on adding this feature in a future version.

Q: What is a markdown file?
A: A “markdown” file is a text file format that various programs (e.g. text2qti) can read.