What is MiQuizMaker?

MiQuizMaker creates a series of randomized quizzes in QTI .zip file format for upload to programs such as Canvas. Using MiQuizMaker, you can develop a quiz that contains any number of true/false, calculation-based, and other types of questions. You can also create randomized quizzes so that each student in your class has a unique quiz, severely reducing the incentive for answer sharing.

What types of unique quizzes get generated?

MiQuizMaker allows you to enter questions and assemble those questions in any order. You can also add additional information for each question so that you can generate multiple quiz versions from the same information.

Which types of assessments can I replace in my course with this tool?

You can use MiQuizMaker to generate questions for homework problems, quizzes or tests. The questions/quizzes can then be loaded into tools such as Canvas, and the students can access the questions and get immediate feedback once completed (i.e., they are automatically graded). You can replace all your homework, exams, and even the final with this format!

Knowledge Base and Training Resources

For support using MiQuizMaker or to report an issue, please submit a ticket here.

To submit a request for consultation with CRLT-Engin to learn about how you can incorporate MiQuizMaker into your curriculum, please email mosaic.engin@umich.edu.