Calculation Questions

Enter variable names, problem statement versions, and solution equations. Up to 300 unique questions can be generated. The question text editor supports user-entered custom formulas and draws from the Python language.

MiQuizMaker allows you to create multiple versions of the same question so that students will be assessed on the same content, but phrased in different ways.

For example, if you are testing students’ understanding of the distance equation (d=v*t), you could create 3 different versions of the question:

Version A

If you are going {v} for {t}, how far will you travel?

Version B

If you travel {d} at {v}, how long is your journey?

Version C

If you travel {d} in {t}, at what speed have you been constantly traveling?

Note: You do not have to re-enter variables for each question version. Each version will pull from the question’s primary list of variables at the top of the question page (see below).

Screenshot of m-quiz-maker with variables in each question already filled in the name column

Assign equal or varying weights to each question version.

Screenshot of m-quiz-maker with a red arrow pointing to version weighing percentage, the last row of the answer

View a full example question below.

Screenshot of full question on m-quiz-maker