Add an Image

Add an image(s) to any question to help students understand the context of the problem. Possible images include, figures, tables, and pictures.

In the question editor select “insert”, then select “image” from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of question editor with image highlighted in red.

To upload a new photo, select “click or drop a file here” and either choose the file name or drop the file into the gray box.

Screenshot of insert image screen with red arrow on "click or drop a file here" on the right side of dialog box.

Add alternative text to the newly uploaded image.

Alternative text (alt text) is used to describe the content and function of the images being used. Visually impaired users using screen readers will be read the alt-text so that they can understand an image. Without this alt-text, these users will be unable to get the same information as users without visual impairments. Alternative text is metadata added to an image that does not appear visually, and may differ from the types of language that appears in figure captions. Read more.

Screenshot of insert image screen with arrow pointing to alt text field on the bottom right corner with insert button next to it.

Select “insert”. You can also choose an existing image from the image library.

The image will now populate in the question text editor.

screenshot of successful upload of image