Fill in the Blank

Enter any number of question statements and correct answers. Note that the answers must match exactly.

Single-Version Mode allows you to create 1 or more question statements with the same bank of correct answers.

In single version mode, each question statement will have an equal chance of appearing on a quiz.

To create different question statements with different banks of correct answers, select “Convert to Multiple Versions” at the bottom of the question builder page.

A note on Multiple-Version Mode

Question statements in multiple versions can only have one correct answer. When converting from Single-Version Mode to Multiple-Version Mode, an error message will populate if any question statements have more than one correct answer. If you receive this error message, delete all but one correct answer option.

If multiple question statements are entered, indicate how many of the question statements should be included on each randomized quiz by entering the desired number in the “Pick” box located next to the first question statement.

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