Creating a New Quiz

Once logged in, you’ll land on your My Quizzes page. This page shows all of your existing quizzes and gives you the option to create a new quiz, folder, or shared space.

To create a new quiz, select the New Quiz button.

Name the quiz so that it is easily identifiable on the “My Quizzes” page.

To begin writing quiz questions, select “Add Question.”

Select a question type from the dropdown list.

Learn more about MiQuizMaker-supported question types.

Name the question so it’s easily identifiable on the Quiz Overview page. If you don’t choose a name for the question, by default, MiQuizMaker will use the first line of text from the first problem statement.

Complete the remaining required fields to create the question. MiQuizMaker will auto-save questions and updates.

Repeat this process to add any additional questions to the quiz. When you’ve finished adding questions, select the quiz name in the breadcrumb trail to go back to the Quiz Overview page.

When all questions have been added, the quiz is ready for import into Canvas.