Interactive Displays (T1V ThinkHub)

Interactive Display (T1V ThinkHub) systems are a multiuser software application designed to help teams to ideate, visualize, and problem solve. These displays are bring-your-own-device-friendly, meaning your team or class can tap into the power of T1V from any device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc) in the room or remote.

Interactive Display-enabled classrooms and meeting spaces may have a 55″ built-in podium display, or an 86″ monitor display connected to height-adjustable base.

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Interactive Display-enabled Spaces

BuildingRoomDisplay TypeRoom Type
Cooley290686″ uprightConference
CSRB242286″ uprightConference
Dow3062A86″ uprightClassroom
EECS131155″ tilt cartClassroom
EECS331686″ uprightConference
FMCRB106055″ tilt cartClassroom
GGBL202986″ uprightConference
GGBL250555″ tilt cartClassroom
GFL21055″ tilt cartConference
LBME220386″ uprightConference
LEC121086″ uprightConference
NAME24486″ uprightFlex space

Getting Started

Before you dive into the many features of the Interactive Display (T1V ThinkHub), download the T1V Airconnect app on any device you’ll use to share content with the Interactive Display (T1V ThinkHub).

Watch the short video below to learn about Interactive Displays (T1V ThinkHub).