UPDATE: Feedback Engine: Driving Towards Collective Solutions (1)

What would make teaching and learning in Michigan Engineering even better?


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What is Feedback Engine?

We’re piloting a new interactive process to help the Michigan Engineering community collectively identify pressing challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning.  We need your input to determine the goals to address, from quick wins to more extended projects.

How it Works

Visit the Teaching & Learning Voting Board via the button above.   

Use the voting board to provide feedback on the suggestions already listed and/or suggest approaches or solutions to address a problem. 

You can identify a process, functionality, or tool that you wish to see developed, or you can name a challenge or goal that needs to be addressed. 

Depending on the nature and scope of the problem, our approaches to enacting solutions may differ. 

In some cases, we’ll direct existing resources around a challenge or develop strategies with external partners. 

In other cases, we’ll tackle problems ourselves and offer funding through a call for proposals.